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In a discovery perhaps somewhat unexpected but no less useful, researchers from the University of San Diego in California announced that the chemical components of mango and marijuana form a perfect dumbbell, especially with regard to positive effects of cannabis, as its analgesic and depressive properties, although it also works in the case of recreational use.

According to this study, the myrcene present in the mango (a linear monoterpene carbohydrate that is the main component of the essential oil of this fruit), a natural anti-inflammatory that can also be sedative, hypnotic, analgesic and muscle relaxant that, in addition, it alters the blood-brain barrier, favoring the entry of cannabinoids into the brain and producing an increase in the effects.

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Myrcene helps many more THC molecules penetrate into the brain in less time, which contributes to the strengthening and extension of the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids. The body reacts to the incoming THC, which helps to pass through the physiological barrier between the circulatory system and the central nervous system much faster and with greater efficiency. Hence, both for medicinal and recreational use, accompanying marijuana with mangos results in an ideal combination.

In practice, this recommendation also depends on the metabolism of each person. Those who have a faster metabolism may need a larger portion of mango than those who have a slow metabolism (even in this case the fruit can be consumed in the form of a shake up to an hour and a half before smoking).

Also, the mango is advised for the so-called “munchies”, that more or less uncontrollable hunger that ensues after consuming marijuana. In addition to being a much healthier option than foods rich in sugar, flours or fats (which are usually used), mango chemistry lengthens the effects of cannabis.

No doubt an alternative in which everything seems positive and beneficial.

Also take a look at a Mango Cannabis Strain

Mango Cannabis Strain

There is a suggestion that you will enjoy a better high if you eat a mango before smoking weed. The fruit contains a lot of vitamin A and could potentially prolong the effect of marijuana as well. Mangoes contain a large level of the terpene myrcene, which goes straight to the bloodstream when you eat the tropical delight.

Whether you eat a mango just before smoking, or during/after the session, the strain’s THC will interact with the extra terpenes. Once the interaction begins, the potency of the high allegedly increases exponentially. If you have a slow metabolism, eat a mango up to two hours before using your weed. For individuals with a fast metabolism, you may need two or even three mangoes to get the same effect.

If you really love this fruit, why not eat mangoes before consuming the Mango strain? Let’s check it out to see how potent this weed is.

What is the Mango Strain?

Mango strain weed is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, and there is an argument over its precise origin. It was apparently created by a hippy in the 1960s and the strain we use today is actually a cross of the original Mango strain with KC33 and Afghani; a combination that was first tried in 1991.

The strain won third place in the best indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002 and enjoyed a renaissance in 2009 when it was named amongst the publication’s best seeds of the year. It is a strain known for its wonderful tropical fragrance and enormous buds.


Mango strain marijuana lives up to its name in the smell stakes with a beautiful fruity aroma that’s a combination of mango, citrus and an earthy scent that fills a room. All it takes is a single whiff of this strain to be lured in.


The tropical flavor combines with a creamy lemon taste on the inhale that makes it seem as if you are enjoying a dessert rather than marijuana. Mango titillates the tongue with sweet and sour notes, and the sour mango taste lingers on the palette, as well as on the inside of the mouth. There is also a hint of an earthy and citrus aftertaste.


Mango has shades of yellow and green; and once it is almost harvest time, you should also see huge buds with shades of red and violet on the leaves.

Mango Strain Grow Info

Once you have Mango strain seeds, patience is key. It is a plant known to be a slow starter, but once it gets going, you will find that it sprouts so quickly you’ll think it is growing in front of your eyes! Eventually, it grows to a decent height (approximately one meter) with extremely dense flower and buds.

In fact, the buds often become as large as a softball so your plants may need a little extra support. If you use the SOG (Sea of Green) method when growing indoors, you could trim the flowering time to 7-9 weeks. Make sure you prune the crop regularly to control the rapid growth spurt. If you elect to grow your weed indoors, it should yield up to nine ounces of bud per square meter planted.

You will enjoy a far greater yield (up to 24 ounces per plant) if you grow Mango marijuana outdoors. Typically, the strain is ready for harvest towards the end of September. If you have an outdoor garden and need the plants to stay at an average height, begin growing indoors and cut the vegetative stage to three weeks before transplanting outdoors. You can move the plants outside as late as July if you live in the Northern hemisphere.

After harvesting Mango cannabis, it is imperative to dry and cure it properly if you want the weed to taste great AND be potent. Ideally, you will hang your plants upside down in a room with a Relative Humidity (RH) of between 55% and 62%. Allow up to a week for the buds to dry and place them in glass mason jars. Initially, open each jar for a few minutes once a day. After a few days, it is okay only to open the jars once every few days. The longer you leave the weed in the jars, the more flavorful Mango weed becomes.

THC Content – Highest Test

The strength of Mango marijuana varies from 15% all the way to 24% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Even if you get an especially potent Mango strain, the edge can be taken off the high by the enormous CBD content which can reach 10%.

What Can I Expect When I Use Mango Weed?

The high CBD level of Mango means that you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by the Mango high. Indeed, it is among the most pleasant highs you will experience. You should feel relaxed almost immediately and become calm and in control. Users report feeling an alleviation of all their worries, along with a general ‘feel-good’ sensation.

We highly recommend using this particular strain if you have had an especially rough day because it can boost your mood while ensuring any anger or anxiety you feel melts away. You may also feel a slight energy boost, but overall, it is a balanced high. Make sure you have snacks handy because this weed can cause the munchies.

Medical Benefits of Mango Marijuana

The high CBD content also ensures that Mango is a much-loved medical marijuana strain. People use it to treat chronic stress syndromes because of its calming effect. Mango weed is said to be a potent analgesic so consider using it to deal with chronic pain and muscle spasms and joint pains.

If you have PTSD or depression, Mango marijuana can also aid you by helping you feel more positive. We recommend taking advantage of its relaxant properties by using it in the evening. If you suffer from insomnia, use this weed an hour before bed to see if it helps you get much-needed sleep.

Possible Side Effects of Mango Weed

Once again, the high CBD content of this strain ensures that you enjoy a powerful high that doesn’t overwhelm. While some strains with a THC content of over 20% could cause a sense of anxiety and paranoia in some users, the main side effects are minor such as a dry mouth and itchy eyes. If you are a new user and overdo it the first time around, you might experience slight dizziness and a mild headache.

Final Thoughts on Mango Cannabis

We have heard experienced marijuana smokers say that Mango weed is among the top three strains they have ever tried. Its gorgeous mango taste makes it a must-try weed, and it isn’t an especially difficult strain to grow for novices. However, the yield is relatively low when growing indoors, so bear that in mind.

Mango is unquestionably a night time strain because it helps you to relax and feel calm. Although it provides an initial energy boost, you will quickly decide that relaxing on the sofa or in bed is a better option than trying to perform any activities. Make sure you use a sensible amount and keep a glass of water and delicious snacks nearby.

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