The Nazi tweet that caused another dismissal in AMLOs 4th transformation


Because it was a lack of respect for the Jewish community

The Institute of Youth of Mexico City (Injuve-CDMX) dismissed the deputy director of Diffusion, Communication and Alternative Media, Juan Salvador Rodríguez, after the publication of a tweet about Nazi propaganda.

Injuve apologized for the publication of this tweet that was removed from their networks minutes later.

“The intention of our publication was only to generate historical memory, without exalting or claiming any kind of ideology, we offer an apology and follow their orders,” reads his post.

The publication was criticized by social network users because of its allusion to Nazi Germany.

Injuve published in order to remember the birth of Goebbels, the German responsible for the Nazi campaign in Europe, who in turn promoted the racist ideas of Adolf Hitler.

Some users noted that, in addition to the anniversary out of context with the Nazi flag in the background, Injuve published the silhouette of writer HP Lovecraft and not Goebbels.


Before this controversy, the Jewish Community of Mexico regretted the facts and said that it is unacceptable that a government institute capital publicize the most racist, anti-Semitic and bloodthirsty party of the twentieth century.

Source: nacion321

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