The “gay lobby” wants to impose a dictatorship in Mexico and reduce the world population


The Tv host says that the gay agenda and communism are linked Even ensures that with López Obrador the country will live a bloody stage.

The television conductor Mauricio Clark has returned to unleash controversy after posting on his Twitter account a theory of conspiracy, which says that behind the agenda of the “gay lobby” is the communism that will impose a dictatorship in Mexico.

Clark said in a series of tweets that abortion, euthanasia, drug legalization and sexual diversity are driven by the gay lobby with the aim of reducing the world’s population,  controlling natural resources and  destroying church and family, highlights the publication of Nacion321

He also predicted that the first three years of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador will be “stable”, but then the show will come and said that the country is about to experience one of the most difficult and bloody stages in history.

It should be remembered that Mauricio Clark “CLAIMS” that he was cured of his homosexuality after having problems of drug addiction and in recent months he has promoted conversion therapies in several states of the country.

Source: mientrastantoenmexico

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