AMLOs gasoline subsidies are canceled Premium could cost over 25 pesos


As of Saturday the liter of Premium, gasoline could cost over 25 pesos, because the Treasury Department will enforce the elimination of the subsidy and will not apply the stimulus, which is for a total of 4.06 pesos.

Through the Official Gazette of the Federation, the SH and CP announced that this measure will be in force during the week of June 8 to 14.

Since the beginning of this month, it had been reported that the Premium gasoline subsidy was ending; however, it is until this Saturday when the non-application of the Tax on Products and Services, the well-known IEPS, comes into force.

Eb Mazatlan service stations for example, the price of liter varies; in some it is in a little less than 22 pesos and in others it is at 22:12.

While Magna or green gasoline will not have significant variation because it will receive more than one peso per liter, as a stimulus.

However, it will be until tomorrow when the impact of this measure is really known, if it is absorbed by gasoline entrepreneurs, they do so in a single increment or in a gradual manner.

The stimulus was given to keep the price stable to the consumer

Source: rasnoticias

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