Once again Mazatlan will not have water on Monday


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Middle Mazatlan will run out of drinking water in the afternoon and kick off Monday night, because they will connect the new storage tank located in the Ricardo Flores Magón neighborhood.

Through a statement, JUMAPAM announced that it will again be the northern zone affected or the same colonies that were affected by the rupture of the pipeline that knocked down a fence, which will not have the service, although now for less time.

It was announced that what will be done will be the “interconnection will be of the Tanque 5000 with the 4200, in a single circuit; then to the tube that feeds the larger tank will be installed a butterfly valve so that it can be regulated in liquid supply “

The works will start at four o’clock in the afternoon, the same time when the valves will be closed, then they will make a multiple interconnection to the tank tubes 400 and 200.

“From the 5 thousand liter tank there is a pipe that channels water to tanks 200 and 400, the only thing that is going to be done is to integrate the 4 thousand 200 tank, which also feeds these two, with this work the effect will be less of the supply, affecting the sixth expansion of Flores Magón and the upper part of Lomas del Ébano “, said the manager of paramuncipal Ismael Tiznado.

The population is called to take precaution and be careful with the expense of water.

Source: rasnoticias

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