Mazatlan roundabout by the Linear Park will be modified


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Due to the various problems caused by bad planning at the time of the construction of the roundabouts, the Municipal Public Works Department will modify the highway crossings of Libramiento ll, one at Santa Rosa Avenue and the other on Munich avenue.

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And is that this pair of crosses had a traffic light at the time of placement, however they were removed to make way for the roundabouts, but the left lane, placed precisely to turn left, was “skating”, so that those They use this lane are left out of the play at the time of wanting to turn and collide with vehicles that circulate in the central lanes, informed the director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

“It’s a roundabout that limits the lanes. For example, to turn the left, if you were in that lane you would run into that roundabout, then there are details and there are some interventions that we have been asked for in some areas where there are bayonets to turn to the left, “he said.

“We have been asked to moderate what is the return to the left. There is a bottleneck of the vehicle that goes right in the left lane and the vehicle that turns to the left and is where they are, “he added.

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