Mazatlán hooded police beat suspect handcuffed to a patrol car


No more hooded policemen, they said some years ago, but the practice of covering their faces with any continuous pretext and now they use it to commit abuses like the one that has leaked in the social networks of Mazatlan. But it is unpublishable because of the type of images it does not contains and therefore it details what happened. 

Recorded in full light of the day, apparently it is in the area of ​​the Cerro del Caracol, near the colony Lomas del Ebano, but it is not seen what patrol unit it is, a municipal policeman with his face covered with a black hood, hits in the sit-ups to a man that they have with his underpants down, open arms and cuffed to the patrol dark blue color.

“Oh, sweet daddy, please” cried the person. The shirt was on the face of the detainee, a hand takes it away, while they say “Are you going to steal again” you son of a bitch. Never, never, never ever forgive me, it won’t happen again cries the detainee and the one who is supposed to be a policeman also says another word of reminder to his mother “we do not want to see you there again” and the beating begins again.

At the same time, you can hear reports on the police radio communication about a Doña Chonita.

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Almost to end the punishment, the one who records focuses directly on the affected area and you can see he is bleeding by so many hits received. 

The obligation of the police is to preserve order, not disorder and in recent years they have been given courses on human rights, so they know how to handle detainees. 

The video was filtered a few hours ago in different chats and everything indicates that it was recorded recently and there are police officers who already know who they are but will not reveal their identities. 

Mazatlan Mayor says that police are not from Mazatlan and that human rights are respected here

The present administration has distinguished itself by being respectful of human rights and the dignity of the people, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres in an interview with the media.

Before the questioning about the supposed participation of municipal police elements in a video where a person is attacked, the mayor clarified that they are not from the port and to confirm it, it is enough to see their uniforms.

“That’s not from here in Mazatlan, the policemen are not from here, see the uniform, it is probably in another part of the republic (…) at all, we distance ourselves from that matter a thousand percent.”

Benitez Torres said that the entrustment of the elements of public security is clear and that is why we work every day to respect human rights.

“We have distinguished ourselves since we arrived at the city hall to be respectful of human rights and the dignity of people, in fact we are working to respect them,” he concluded.

The Public Security Secretariat of Mazatlan reported that it opened an investigation into the aggression with a bat against a man whose video circulates on social networks and believe that they are not police officers because the uniform is not the same as the current one. 

Ramiro Lizárraga, head of the corporation, announced that he “informed the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation into the incident” 

Some elements of the police that already have the video on their phones anonymously pointed out that they are active elements, both the one who hits the bat and the one who records and talks, but did not reveal the identity. They also recognized the street where it happened, near the Cerro del Caracol, by Lomas del Ébano

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