Guasave Sinaloa: Two months of work left for the elevated bridge to be completed


The work that is carried out on the Sinaloa River will be ready before the big rains if contracts are negotiated.

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The work on the elevated bridge over the Sinaloa river is two months away , but the process has been delayed, more than for reasons of appeal, by the refusal of some affected to negotiate, the secretary said. of Public Works of the State Government. 

Osbaldo López Angulo pointed out that the issue of the disagreements that exist with the owner of a 44 square meter property that contemplates construction is what holds them back. However, he said that there is confidence that the City Council will reach an agreement with this person.

In case the refusal persists, he said they are working on a “technical solution” that allows them to go around that space. 

When questioning him if this modification would increase the cost of the work, the secretary discarded it.

“It does not hit him at all on issues of recourse, on budget issues, it’s just a technical issue.”


López Angulo acknowledged that they are late with the execution of the work; However, he stated that if they make the arrangement within 10 days, they will end before the rainy weather, 

That is why they are going to be very aware that through the City Council, which is responsible, negotiations are carried out.

“They are dealing with it, apparently, as I commented, it is not a problem of resources, it seems that they were negotiating other types of things but, well, it is something that is presented during the negotiation.”



He said that logistically the bridge is designed to work properly, so he denied that there will be road problems as indicated by various colleges of architects and civil engineers.

“This bridge will have its sidewalks, it will not have any problem for pedestrians. It is also with the logistics of having its lighting, it is a very high panoramic bridge, but, logistically and in vehicular issues, the issue of circulation is resolved. “

Finally, when asked if the last administration should have resolved the negotiations, he said that at the time they “worked hard” and indicated that at first this had not been considered as something so difficult to deal with.

Source: el debate

The Mazatlan Post