Tourism sector to defend tourist bonanza of Sinaloa and Mazatlan


State Authorities and Tour Operators Deny statement by Jorge Hernández President of AMAV in which he pointed out that Mazatlan is down on the matter

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  • Together, they affirm that Sinaloa and Mazatlán consolidate as one of the most profitable destinations in the country

Sinaloa continues to consolidate itself as one of the most profitable destinations in the country. Proof of this is the significant increase in the arrival of tourists during the first quarter of this year to Mazatlan and Sinaloa.

In a press conference, the Director of Tourism Development Teresa Letamendi Patrón, representing the Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros, highlighted that Mazatlán and Sinaloa continue to position themselves as destinations that offer new products and that are still in transformation, thereby increasing the flow of national and international tourists.

The above was given to clarify the statements made by the president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV), Jorge Hernández, to a newspaper of national circulation, in which he says that the rates of tourist arrivals to the country and Mazatlan have descended, something that in this last case is not a reality, according to the statistics that are available, said Letamendi Patrón.

He reported that during the period from January to March of this year, in a preliminary way, 901 thousand 273 tourists arrived, compared to 824 thousand 933 that were received in 2018, which represents an increase of 9.25 percent.

Similarly, Mazatlan had 575 thousand 170 (first quarter of this year) before 534 thousand 961 of 2018, which meant an increase of 8 percent.

Regarding the arrival of tourist cruises, it increased 70 percent since 2017, taking into account that 80 were received that year; 2018 were 92 and this year will be 136. To date we have received 63 cruises with 175,403 cruise passengers, with an estimated economic loss of more than 12.2 million dollars.

With regard to private investment in tourism in the State, he said that during 2018 we had a growth of 115% compared to 2017; the tourism sector represents 28.98 of the total private investment in the state.

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Likewise based on the statistical numbers of the month of February, published in the digital pages of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, Sinaloa ranks 26th in the criminal incidence, when in the previous year it was located in the fifth place .

On the other hand, Gloria Villanueva Tirado, president of the AMAV in Mazatlan, stated that she contacted Jorge Hernández, who told her that she never really mentioned Mazatlán and that she would deny the version they published in the newspaper.

Tirado added that the Travel Agencies in Sinaloa, all have jobs and that they will send the statistical information they have of the percentages of tourist arrivals so that they have a base in their declarations.

Also, Julio Birrueta, director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies said that, “it is important to manage real numbers in what is the flow of tourists, that is why it is necessary to clarify that type of statements where Sinaloa and Mazatlan are mentioned, in a group of places where tourism has not grown and places where there has been no improvement in the security issue when it has been the opposite “.

In turn, Fernando Alanís, president of the Association of Vacation Clubs of Sinaloa Pacific Coast, said that he was surprised by that note since it has been noted the change that the State has had, and Mazatlan, recovering in all the indexes, and a It shows the fact that the convention of the Mexican Association of Touristic Developers (Amedtur) has just been carried out with great success in Mazatlan.

The conference was also attended by Socorro García, of Canirac, and Juanny Ortega Cristerna, from the Tres Islas Hotel and Motel Association, who agreed on the achievements in tourism.

Editorial Comment

Recently, we questioned Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, about the distinctive motives, apart from the known ones: Tianguis, Turístico, Mazatlán-Matamoros Highway, Connectivity, among others, of the extraordinary success that Mazatlan and Sinaloa had been reflecting in tourism, the renowned tourist entrepreneur and vice president of the AHETM, responded: “It is that we are working united and with clear objectives, where one goes we all go”. That was the simple, but magical formula that Berdegué Sacristán gave.

A few days after the declaration of the hotelier, with facts now we verify what he told us is a reality. And it is that what you will read next proves it and we are glad that it is, that is to say, that we have left behind that “formita” that we had not to work in only one direction, which caused us a lot of damage, it is therefore extraordinary see that before a false imputation, authorities and businessmen of the sector have gone to deny the national president of AMAV, who in a national media declared that things were not going well in tourism in Mexico, which may be true at the national level, but it was enough that according to the media has indicated Mazatlan to cause the reaction of our tour operators.

However, in the same statement, Carlos Berdegué Sacristán told us that he was working on improving the profile of the tourists who visited us and that in that sense he was looking to generate better offer in every way, and the businessman is absolutely right tourism, since in tourism not all are numbers and occupational indexes, it is also tourism and that is measured through the expense that tourists make in tourist destinations, so that if we offer cheap products or the supply of attractions, the tourist spill operates in the same sense, that is, it is limited to what is offered to the tourist. So to work together in the search to improve the tourist offer profile of Mazatlan and Sinaloa and in this way more tourist bonanza we will have. Let there be no doubt …

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