Mazatlan Association of Hotels and Civil Protection prepare for hurricanes


Julio Birrueta said that the sector has the whole procedure to deal with any type of phenomenon, both in equipment, food supply, and in constant contact with the airlines.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The hurricane season is approaching and the hotel sector of Mazatlan works hand in hand with State Civil Protection and municipality in the location of refuges, as well as the annual review of the entire procedure to address the issue of the phenomena that could be presented in the city, said Julio Birrueta.

The director of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan said that in the various towers have all the regulations to address any type of phenomenon, both in equipment, food supply, as well as in the communication that has to flow to all agency intermediaries who manage the flow of tourists to Mazatlan.         

“We coordinate with the state and local Civil Protection authorities, within the hotels we have the whole procedure of protection for the tourist, the personnel, the internal emergency brigades”. 

The businessman added that the constant revision of the manuals is to see if there is any change in terms of the period, therefore, the Hotel Association is prepared to respond to any call by the relevant authorities, in order to make them known to the tourist in the event of a phenomenon when the port is ready to receive them again. 

Source: linea directa

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