The issue of drinking water in Mazatlan is resolved


The affected area; the 149 colonies and subdivisions of the northern zone already have the supply of the vital liquid

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The potable water service has already been restored in its entirety for the affected part of Mazatlan’s northern zone, that is, for the 149 colonies that were without supply due to the rupture of a pipe in the 5000-liter tank, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said.

The mayor of Mazatlán maintained that the water supply was resolved, even better than before thanks to the repair work carried out in that area.

“It is a three-meter high tank with 5000 liters, it is a tank that receives and drives, pumps water, but now it is to give the entire northern part of the city water,” he said.

The mayor admitted that the risk of ruptures on older pipes, in poor condition of the city, will always be latent and the resource to invest insufficiently.

“There is going to be the risk of a problem of this kind, for example, some machinery that has not been maintained because there is no spare, so we are working to buy equipment and be able to do the maintenance.”

“… but, you always run the risk,” he said.

The municipal said that the Municipal Drinking Water Board, every time you work on paving works, replace the pipes and with that progress is made in the replacement of the drainage network and the vital liquid.

Source: linea directa

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