Tequila makes you lose weight and rejuvenates you, says science


IPN studies point out that tequila makes you lose those extra kilos and also reduces blood sugar levels.

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It’s Friday and this news fit like a glove. It turns out that scientific studies have discovered that Tequila makes you lose weight and rejuvenates you. And those are not all the benefits of this traditional Mexican drink, keep reading.

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A study published by the  American Chemical Society  and carried out by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in the area of ​​Biotechnology and Biochemistry of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINESTAV) has revealed that agavin, sugar that comes from the agave plant and which produces tequila, stimulates the production of insulin and helps reduce insulin levels. 

This conclusion came after doing a study with mice. As if these benefits were not enough, tequila agavina also accelerates your metabolism and makes you lose weight, how about that? 

But how do you do it? Agavina generates a feeling of fullness in the body, which prevents us from overeating and, consequently, maintaining a healthy weight. 

The CINESTAV researchers maintain that tequila agavine would work to create a sweetener because of its low glycemic level and thus become a healthy option for people, especially those with diabetes. 

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Scientists from the University of Colima developed a process to try to counteract cellular oxidation. They found in the nut, antioxidants that of adding them to the tequila could diminish the oxidative stress that this drink produces.

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“Oxidative stress can cause cellular damage at the level of membranes and macromolecules, in addition to being related to neurodegenerative disorders, but the antioxidants of the nutshell would help to delay the damage of cellular oxidation,” say the scientists.

For the research, pecan nut or Caya illinoensis were used, which are one of the most produced nuts in Mexico. This type of seeds like the same nuts, almonds and pine nuts, among others, contain a large amount of antioxidants.

It should be noted that this process could be expanded to all types of alcoholic beverages, in order to reduce the oxidative effect and this benefit would not affect the tasting, since the compounds obtained from the nuts do not alter the flavor composition.

This modified product has already been tested with local consumers and has been well accepted, it is expected that the ” anti-aging tequila ” will soon be commercialized throughout Mexico.

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