‘The Terminator’ Is Back, And This Time He’s Mexican


Sarah Connor is back to save the future of humanity.

The day has come when we must once again save the future of humanity from the horrible rebellion of machines; That’s right, the new release of  Terminator  has released its first official trailer, which shows roughly what this iteration will be, which seems to be developed in Mexico (at least part of the plot); bringing back the legendary  Sarah Connor  and the now obsolete T-800.

As far as we can see,  Terminator: Dark Fate  will repeat the formula of the franchise, where an Exterminator (now a woman half machine, half human) will protect a person from being annihilated by the killer robot in turn, which now shares characteristics of the first two models, having a metal skeleton, such as the  T-800  and a flexible shape like the T-1000.

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The film will star Linda Hamilton,  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Stephanie Gil, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta and Jude Collie as John Connor; with an address by Tim Miller and a production by James Cameron, who returns to the franchise after almost 30 years of having it abandoned.

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The Terminator timeline is chaos

Something that is clear from the Terminator franchise is that after the  Final Judgment the thread of the narrative was lost. The second part presumed that nothing of the post-apocalyptic future would happen when the development chips of Skynet were destroyed  ; nevertheless, the third installment sold something else, that the future was inevitable and Sarah Connor had died; then Sarah Connor Chronicles contradicted this premise; Salvation presented again the future that had been erased, but with some modifications to the original premise; the cusp of chaos came with Genesis that combined all these stories into one.

With Dark Fate will try to fix all this, because it eliminates everything that happened after the work of 1991, being a direct sequel to that delivery; hence we see  Sarah and Jonh Connor again. The interesting thing will be to see how they build this new timeline because as we mentioned, it is supposed that everything ended with the destruction of the T-800.

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