Sargassum appears on the beaches of Mazatlan


At the Emerald Bay hotel they already have a cleaning machine

Ernesto Coppel Kelly, hotel entrepreneur. 

Mazatlan, Sin. – Sargassum does not only exist on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean , but there is also a presence on the beaches of Mazatlan .

The hotelier, Ernesto Coppel Kelly, revealed that in the beach area of ​​the Emerald Bay there is the presence of algae, which is removed daily.

He warned that although the levels are not like Cancun, the problem is strong, since you have to clean the beach all day.

Here in Mazatlan we have some sargassum, in the Emerald Bay Hotel, it is full of seaweed, we had to buy a tractor to be cleaning and we are not complaining, everyone has to scratch with their nails, for that we are.

Ernesto Coppel Kelly

On the other hand, Coppel Kelly announced that next year construction of a hotel complex in Cancun will start, with 900 rooms, the land is already in place and the project is in process.

He stressed that the Pueblo Bonito Group has more than five thousand employees, occupies the first place in pride of belonging and seventh place in work environment nationwide, which helps them to project with customers.

“There are no secrets. For people to be happy, you have to treat them well, pay well, train them and be proud of belonging, “he said.

Finally, the Mazatlan businessman assured that with or without promotion, to have how they do it, but they will continue working for the good of the country and to attract international tourists to the destinations of Mexico.


Sargassum has become a problem in the Mexican Caribbean, as its massive arrival harms tourism. It grows rapidly because the organic waste of all kinds becomes nutrients that fertilize the macroalga, which causes its biomass to double every 18 days

Source; el sol de mazatlan

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