For mental health reasons Congress of Baja California Sur proposes express divorces


The Deputy of the Fourth Transformation seeks to ensure the emotional health of marriages that want to divorce

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The deputy Héctor Manuel Ortega Pillado , proposed before the plenary session of the Congress of the State to reform the Civil Code, in which the subject of express divorce is contemplated; This is due to the mental and emotional health of those who seek to divorce quickly, because he said that it is exhausting to support people with whom one can not continue living together.

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“In that sense because it is more exhausting when you are limited, when you are forced to live with a person with whom you can no longer live together, then I think it is healthier, both mentally and emotionally, for divorce to be faster”, said the legislator.

It should be noted that, the Civil Code establishes a temporary ban that limits the possibility of starting a new family at the desired time, unjustifiably restricting people’s autonomy to choose their life plan and transgressing, as has been reiterated, their right to the free development of the personality.

Therefore, Ortega Pillado explained that the express divorce seeks that the subjects rehag their lives with those who prefer them at the desired time, without having the obligation to remain with their current spouse against their will; In the same way, she emphasized that in these cases, it is the female who is usually the hardest hit, since currently, she has to undergo a clinical study to check if there is a pregnancy involved.

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“What responds is to the first article of the Law, where it says that every individual has the faculty to develop freely, if at any moment he makes the decision to marry freely in the same way it must be at the time that he no longer It takes well in the conjugal relationship, we do not have to wait 300 days as the Law indicates, we do not have […] more to the woman, as you could say, stigmatize her (Sic) with requesting a clinical study to know if there is or not pregnant to be able to give a divorce, “said Moreno.

Finally, Héctor Ortega commented that the initiative was not born of an urgency for the couples to separate, but to avoid the emotional exhaustion on the part of the couples that are about to separate.

“I do not think it is urgent because since when the law had been modified, but we do have to work on the stability of the people and the freedom of their development,” he concluded.

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