Mazatlan: Real Estate Agents Degrees could become reality in 2020


It is part of AMPI’s vision; there are still no details of the venues or the name of the race

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), at the national level, has the CCIE, which is the Training, Research, and Statistics Center, which could become a university to give greater training for real estate agents, announced Luis Enrique Peraza Reyes, president of AMPI Mazatlan.

“One of the intentions is for that CCIE to disappear so that it becomes the first university on a national level, that university will train the next real estate agents under a degree,” he reiterated.

He added that it could be for 2020 when you have for the first time a university in the country focused on the real estate sector.


However, he said that he did not know in which localities this curriculum could be offered, as well as the name that will lead that career.

Peraza Reyes said that it is important to have this academic degree so that the activity is developed with more qualified personnel.

“We believe that this will still regulate the sector even better and (a) many of the real estate agents that are currently in AMPI are seeing the possibility that they can finish their education in a faster way so that they can enter the profession of the real estate sector “.

“This becomes like any profession, that is, you can be an administrative technician but you already have a degree in business administration, so it can be said that most real estate agents at this time could be technicians but they will have the possibility of having a degree that will also give you the guidelines to specialize in other areas such as marketing, condominium management, marketing … “stressed the representative of AMPI.

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