Mazatlan Public Service Alert on presumed con men


People who pose as workers in the Parks and Gardens area, offer the pruning service, charge an economic amount and do not take the trash, Luis Antonio González Olague revealed.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The director of Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague made a strong call to the public not to be surprised by people posing as employees of the Parks and Gardens area, offering the service of pruning in exchange for economic compensation, but do not take the garbage.

The local official clarified that the workers in his charge do not operate like this, because Public Services should not charge for pruning a tree or taking the garbage from a place.     

“There are people who are doing the pruning service and they charge for it, and what they collect from pruning tells the people that Parks and Gardens will pick it up, which is not true; Since we are not here, we are going, but not because we are willing to do it because they say, and they charge people, “he said.

He said that through a citizen complaint they realized this situation, where the pruning service is offered and they tell people that in a little while more personnel from Parks and Gardens will pass to collect the garbage, but that is not true .

“Well, do not be surprised, it’s not true; Normally Parks and Gardens does not operate like this, we do not charge and it is illegal in a certain way because they are not doing the full service, I do not say they can not work on that, they just do the full service, “he said.

Finally, he argued that through the Directorate of Public Services and these cases are investigated to rule out that you are employees of the agency because if so, he said, will be strongly sanctioned.

Source: linea directa

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