Quintana Roo under siege with crime and sargasso

A decapitated human head, with narcomanta, was left behind the Municipal Palace of Playa del Carmen.

The macabre message was left on Avenida 25, between 8th and 10th streets, in the heart of the city. 

The head with its eyes and mouth covered with tape, was found in the early hours of this Friday behind the Municipal Palace of Playa del Carmen.
Manta reads as follows:

“People of Playa del Carmen. We have already arrived in this municipality to cleanse out the scum, traitors, and sellout faggot cops. Do not be scared people. The problem is not with you. But it is against all those faggot taxi drivers, hawks, state commanders and prosecutors who are at the service of these fucking faggots. You’ve already been located. We really are a cartel. So be fucking ready.  Because I’m going to tear you into pieces. And here’s the proof. We are going after everyone who’s on the list. You’ll be caught defecating all over yourself.”

“Sincerely, The People of Aquiles”

Video translation is as follows: Sicario #1: Here we go bitches! This goes for all the vane and treacherous people. And also for all the corrupted and the police. Keep sending us your people. And all will be left in pieces. Holy fuck! This is the people of Aquilles brother. Sicario #2: Stay still, stay still bitch! (Hack sawing away here)Sicario #3: Go,go,go….go,go,go,go.Sicario #1: Keep sending your people and this is how they will end up motherfuckers!Sicario #2: We are the grand dick here.Sicario #3: We are sicarios of Aquiles. (In a low voice coaching sicario # 1 on what to say next).Sicario #1: We are sicarios of Aquiles.Sicario #3: Politicians and police.Sicario #1: Just as well for you politicians and police.Sicario #3: Pull it, pull it (Severed head)…. Go fuck your mother.

The crime occurred a few days after the municipality of Isla Mujeres a commander of the Municipal Police was executed shot in the head, once official who was mentioned in a narcomanta.

In the same way, in the same state, the murder of the alleged plaza chief of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel ( CJNG ) in the municipality of Benito Juárez ( Cancun ) was reported, a subject identified as Manuel Arturo Alcudía de los Santos, alias ” El Gato ” .

In addition, the appearance of different narcomantas has been reported where businessmen from the municipality of Chetumal are allegedly threatened by members of the Gulf Cartel . In these messages they ask for money in exchange for letting them continue working.

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The Mazatlan Post