Californians immigrate to Tijuana Mexico


According to information from specialists, sales and leases in the area have increased by US residents


More and more families from California are moving to Baja California because they can not afford to pay rent or buy a house in the United States.

On average, a rental in the USA costs between 500 and 2,500 dollars a month, depending on the type of housing and location; and to acquire a home of their own they must invest between 180 thousand and 400 thousand dollars.

In Southern California is where the increase in housing prices is currently detected, so families choose to migrate to this region or to Arizona.

These amounts have caused Baja Californians in the United States to decrease, because according to the National Survey of Demographic Dynamics between 2014 and 2018, they went from 16,347 to only 11,160, which means a 32% decrease.

The market

This situation has been taken advantage of by the State Council of Real Estate Professionals of Baja California AC (Cepibc) to offer housing in Tijuana and Rosarito, mainly, where rents or purchases are up to three times lower compared to the United States.

Rosarito Baja California

According to the agency’s statistics, in recent years, clients who work in the United States and rent in the State have seen rentals increased from 20% to 40%.

Gabriela Isabel Cerezo Morales, president of Cepibc, reported that families who work in the neighboring country are paid in US dollars and can take advantage of a lower cost of living they are looking for used or new homes in Mexico

“We have many advantages that people are taking into account, a lower cost of living better housing, better spaces, good connectivity, affordable medical better conditions and amenities for a lower price,” he said.


Thus, on average families returning to Baja California, including the United States, take two years to decide to acquire their home, because during this time they are checking whether housing, public services, security and roads to the United States meet their needs.

Las Gaviotas

Also, it is cheaper to live near the border area, he added, because on average they pay an income of 9 thousand pesos a month and if they want to buy a house it costs them up to 3 million pesos, depending on the type of exchange.

“People cannot live in the areas near their work and then they have to move to more distant counties; There are many people who come to intermediate areas between the United States and Tijuana and Mexicali, “Cerezo Morales said.


He indicated that used homes are requested by 70% of returnees, while 30% seek new homes. 

“The people in general look for a lease with more amenity, with better areas of communication, whether they are within the urban area of ​​the city or much more accessible,” he said.

The migration

Jessica Castillo lives in a rented house in Los Angeles, California, and for three months she comes to Tijuana, where she is about to pay off a used home from the Santa Fe neighborhood.

She said that in the neighboring country she pays 850 dollars per month because the home is located in an exclusive area close to her work.

“I know it’s a lot of money, but it’s close to my job, just like my son’s school. I count on security and services; and the neighbors are very calm, “said Jessica.

And for the house used in Tijuana, i pay 3 thousand 500 pesos per month, which represents 194 dollars.

“I recognize that it is very cheap, in fact, it is a relief for expenses, but you also have to sacrifice a lot: like my job, the safety of my son. I could not cross into the United States every day, but always having a house where you were born is like ensuring something in case something does not go well in the United States, “she said.

Take note

Baja Californians in the United States have declined in the last 5 years, from 16,347 to only 11,160, according to the Inegi