Mazatlan Tortilla Wars


Clandestine tortillerías affect established merchants

There are 180 tortillerías in Mazatlán that work in an orderly manner, which compete with irregular establishments that give the cheapest product

Currently, the cost of the tortilla is between 17 to 20 pesos per kilo.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Up to 30% have lost tortilla sales in the last two weeks; acknowledged the president of the Union of Tortilleros de Mazatlan, Martín Félix Elenes.

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The proliferation of tortillerías that are not registered or that operate clandestinely in the city, he assured, has had an impact on the sales of the established tortilleros.

At the port, he said, there is an average of 36 irregular establishments, which the same union members have registered, after being near their official establishments.

Martín Félix Elenes, president of the Union of Tortilleros de Mazatlán.

The Union of Tortilleros, he said, is made up of 180 members, who pay all kinds of taxes to work in an orderly manner before the tax authorities and the municipality.

Those who are registered with the group that presides, mentions, pay taxes from the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Tax Administration Service, in addition to paying water, electricity, drainage, and gas.

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He said that an established tortillería pays around 600 or 800 pesos every three months to the Treasury, in addition to 800 pesos per month to the meter, 600 pesos of water and 2 thousand 500 pesos of light.

Tortilla sellers subsist on the proliferation of clandestine tortillerías.

So far, he said, the authorities have done nothing to deal with the problem, which is growing every day, as establishments move from one point to another.

“Some businesses were visited, but they are still there, everything is the same, they have not done anything before its proliferation, which is in the whole city, mainly in the periphery”.

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The tortilla delivery, he said, has also had an impact on the sector, since they have a registry of 25 people, who not only work with tortillerías but distribute them in the colonies.

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Despite the unfair competition from the clandestine businesses and the high costs of supplies, he said, the kilo of tortillas remains in the region at a cost ranging from 17 to 20 pesos.

Data : 180 members make up the Tortilleros Union.

Price: The kilo of tortilla is maintained in the region at a cost ranging from 17 to 20 pesos.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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