Mazatlán has an obsolete development plan


The exponential increase of the tourist influx has created an oversupply of rooms

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – An over-demand of lodging originated by the increase of the tourist affluence has caused an increase in the construction of apartment towers in colonies and subdivisions, that create conflict in the neighbors.

This is a sign that the Urban Development Master Plan is out of date with the needs of the city, said Jorge Aviña, executive president of the Municipal Council for Land Use Planning, Urban Development and Housing.


He explained that the proliferation of vertical developments is an unexpected situation since the hotel industry was not prepared to receive a greater tourist influx. They replaced the rent of rooms for houses and it is for that reason an adequate atmosphere for the construction of towers of apartments has been created. 

He said that these buildings are within the Master Plan for Urban Development, since the aforementioned document was made five years ago, when there was no need for more rooms in the port.


He explained that it is not necessary to create a new plan but to adapt it to the situations that are currently being experienced, since no plan is static, but rather they are dynamic, depending on the changes in the city.


Although the buildings come to represent a conflict between developers and neighborhoods, he added that the construction of these has brought an increase in the tax on the acquisition of real estate (ISAI) and that they will increase the benefits for the commune when these constructions pay their property tax.

Source: el debate

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