Mazatlan: In the middle of peak hour, Municipal Transit paints pedestrian crossings in Gabriel Leyva


Since the morning the zebra stripes were placed, while at midday, the traffic remained stuck because they were waiting for the paint to dry

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This Wednesday, early in the rush hour, the Municipal Transit delegation decided to paint the pedestrian crossings on Gabriel Leyva avenue at the Bonfil Park, an action that resulted in very heavy traffic.

The decision was harshly criticized by the motorists, because they annoyed, they whispered to the Transit agents who were guarding the area.

Photo / Dilan Gómez.

The situation worsened, because at the same time the four crosses were painted, that is, the two Gabriel Leyva’s round trip, and the two of the entrance to the Bonfil Park, leaving on each side only one lane.

Until 12:00 hours, the painting was still drying, so it is expected that until 4:00 pm it will begin to reopen circulation normally.

Source: quepasaenmazatlanlinea

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