AMLO ensures that Mexican bureaucracy should work on Saturdays and if possible, on Sunday too


The so-called government of the Fourth Transformation, led by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promotes the austerity plan at all levels of the public service to allocate the savings to projects that benefit society.

López Obrador states that officials must work for the benefit of the nation and not with the intention of enriching themselves with the resources of the treasury that the dependencies receive.

In this context, at today’s press conference at the National Palace, López Obrador said that public servants should be proud to participate in the Fourth Transformation.

Also, the head of the Executive Power added that the bureaucrats should work on Saturdays and if you can also on Sundays, as he argued that there is no more satisfactory work than ‘to serve others even if you earn little and work hard’.

The Mexican president addressed the issue at the press conference because next week the Chamber of Deputies will analyze the new Republican Austerity Law, which proposes a series of measures against abuses in the public administration and would cut some expenses of federal legislators.

Before reporters, López Obrador said:

The law of austerity is very important, and abuses end. There will be control of travel, nothing to be doing political tourism.

Do you remember what it was like before? It was a great waste, they used the planes even to bring contraband merchandise. There were advisors like rice. The payment for communication services, this is why anger is also. The corn is over “[sic].

Next Monday, the joint committees of Finance, Budget and Public Accounts of the Chamber of Deputies plan to approve the Republican Austerity Law, which Lopez Obrador requested in his administration to allocate more resources to social programs.

The measure proposed by the president of Mexico will serve to end public employee bonuses, incentives, commissions, compensations or extraordinary salary payments that are outside the salary tabulators.

Source: Proceso, Regeneración, El Sol de México, noticiaszmg

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