Not everything is partying and fun during Mazatlan Moto Week


The other side of the arrival of motorcycles: gases, noise, road chaos, repercussions on health such as migraine, accidents and even death

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- In the last ten years, the deaths of motorcycle users in Mexico, increased by 332.2 percent and according to the National Health and Nutrition Survey 2012, 1.4 million motorcyclists reported having suffered a road accident without fatal consequences, this is clear from the use of the helmet.

Alan Burgos, an otorhinolaryngologist, and facial plastic surgeon explained that the use of this equipment protects the head from receiving a strong blow and acts as a support for the skull, a bone structure that exists for the sole purpose of protecting one of the most vital organs of the body in a human being that is the brain, that is why it is an obligation of the user to use the helmet.

Not everything is partying and fun in Moto Week.

The specialist noted that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), correctly use a certified helmet (by the DOT and ECE standards) reduces by 40 percent the risk of dying during an accident and decreases 70 percent of suffering a severe injury; in Mexico it still seems that prevention is in the background, putting the fun, often irresponsible, ahead.

“All the residents during our training at the hospital, when we are preparing for the specialty, we receive the emergency area, where the worst pictures are motorcycle accidents, I personally would not get on a motorcycle, in it you will be unprotected and you use equipment you can get to have very severe problems […] I’ve seen discarded ears, where the aesthetic is the least, the functional is the important thing, “he said.

He said that although there are lucky patients who only have a minor fracture, there are some who may have lifelong sequelae that prevent them from returning to their daily routine, even making them dependent on mechanical, human and rehabilitation assistance, along with operations reconstructive

According to data from the World Health Organization, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the world, where the most vulnerable users are those who move in motorized vehicles of two or three wheels, having about 1.3 million people who die on roads, where the group between 15 and 29 are the most affected.

Regarding the auditory damage, the otorrino explained that the people with problems and greater sensibility are the ones that could present discomfort due to a greater agglomeration of vehicles, since they generate a greater number of decibels; even so there are still no studies on this situation, he said.


Although the car represents 76 percent of the total emissions of CO 2 to the atmosphere with 104 grams per kilometer traveled, mainly because it leads the number of transport units within the city; the motorcycle represents a greater ecological risk even if it only emits 7 percent, because unlike the car that can bring between four and eight passengers, it can only transport two within tolerance.

Daniel Ulises Santos Ballardo, research professor of the Upsin Energy career, explained that the motorcycle alone emits a total of 72 grams of CO 2 per kilometer traveled, having only two users and although the aircraft emits 285 grams of CO 2 , this transports from 550 to 600 passengers, so the impact is lower, in proportion to the utility.

“Here what is not taken into account many times, is that for example a truck, we are talking about double CO 2 that a motorcycle, has many people, if we go to the generation of CO 2for each person who is in a vehicle, let’s say it’s not the best option because it can only take two people at most. “

María Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, director of Ecology and Environment, stressed that there is no verification unit for gas contamination in the municipality of Mazatlan, that is why you can not have data on this situation.

He said that it is necessary to monitor the gases emitted by motor vehicles, which require the installation of devices that can detect the type of particles and the amount that is emitted into the atmosphere.

He regretted that there is only one air pollution detection unit, but it is gas in general and this is responsible for sending data to the Secretariat of Sustainable Development, but even so, more efforts are needed to take into account this type of pollution and also add the auditory.


Not wearing a helmet, exceeding the speed and driving under the influence of alcohol are the main causes of death of motorcyclists.

Up to two accidents per day occur during the annual event of the legendary Moto Week, where motorcyclists often ignore the speed limits that are handled inside the port and especially the regulations, resulting in injured people and even deaths for not following the preventive recommendations, informed Pedro de Jesús Corona Castañeda.

The Tourist Transit Police commander emphasized that rather than applying the infraction or sanction, they prefer that people follow the rules, because the impacts by reach or skid are usually the most tragic, and that motorcyclists must understand that despite the use of protective equipment, the body is still exposed.

“There are many motorcyclists who have been involved in accidents and the helmet has saved their lives, if they are hit by a blow on any other part of the body it may not be so harmful, but if they receive it in the head it is almost certain that will have a greater consequence. “

He exhorted drivers not to drive under the influence of alcohol, not to exceed speed limits, to wear a protective helmet, not to ride motorcycles on sidewalks, since pedestrian areas must be respected. Penalties can range from six to 30 days of minimum wages.


Although the nature of the Mazatleco is related to the celebration and celebration, there are those who are more susceptible to being affected by sound and high decibels, can affect the quality of life of the person to deteriorate the mental health of the person. individual, declared Enrique Escobar Ríos.

The president of the College of Psychiatrists said that exposure to high decibels, especially if you are not used to it, can trigger depression and character problems, making the patient irritable, which is why studies on auditory contamination are required and especially it requires more empathy between citizens towards their neighbor.

“All beings are a physical issue and an emotion, everything that happens to us physically affects us emotionally or mentally and vice versa.To find a healthy life we ​​have to generate certain practices or a certain environment to be well”.

He pointed out that it is necessary to control the noise, because although it is a tourist place Mazatlan, you have to work because it is not only the gases, the noise and the difficulty of the other being empathic, since “you must be lacking in empathy for Do something for fun knowing that other people are being damaged by your actions, such as making noise in residential areas or playing music at a high volume, “he said.


2 Daily accidents are recorded during the annual event of the legendary Moto Week.

332.2% increased the deaths of motorcycle users in Mexico, according to the 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey.

1.4 million motorcyclists reported having suffered a road accident without fatal consequences, in Mexico.


CO 2 emissions per kilometer traveled according to transport:

Aircraft: 285 grams

Urban trucks: 158 grams

Automobiles: 104 grams

Motorcycle: 72 grams


Economic sanctions according to the Municipal Transit Law:

6 to 8 days minimum wage for not wearing a helmet

6 to 16 days of minimum salary for getting on the sidewalks

9 to 14 days of minimum wage for immoderate speed

15 to 20 days minimum wage for speeding

25 to 30 days of minimum salary for driving while intoxicated


2 passengers as limit per motorcycle

40 kilometers per hour is the limit on Del Mar Avenue

10 kilometers per hour is the maximum tolerance for exceeding

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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