Video: Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter break in Mazatlan


While in Sinaloa, the banda music did not wait and resonated with force, infecting the visitors

This was the end of Holy Week in the port of Mazatlan, with the beaches full of people who enjoyed their vacations. 

Complete families, groups of friends and couples in love gathered from an early hour to enjoy a few hours of sun and live with their loved ones.

Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter in Mazatlan

The dazzling color of hundreds of colorful umbrellas adorned the coastal walk combined with the blue of the sea and the characteristic color of the sand of the Mazatlan beaches that offered a beautiful view to tourists and locals.

The snacks and drinks could not miss these days and the beach was enjoyed food, fried foods, seafood and mango and coconut were the protagonists of the afternoon prepared with lemon and sauce became a real delicacy.

Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter in Mazatlan

While in Sinaloa, band music did not wait and resonated strongly infecting those who were nearby, chanting and dancing the bathers turned their afternoon into a real party to the sound of the Sinaloa drum.

Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter in Mazatlan

Inside the pneumonia and charioteers was the party, with the music at full volume, the passers enjoyed the unparalleled view of the port while they sang their favorite melodies and treasured the moment with video recordings and photographs.

Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter in Mazatlan

The heat and the sun in all its splendor undoubtedly merited a good refreshing bath enjoyed by children and adults.

What to say about water sports, surfing, motorcycles and parachutes dazzled in the bay.

Vacationers thoroughly enjoyed Easter in Mazatlan

And that’s how thousands of people from Mexico and abroad enjoyed a pleasant weekend enjoying the Mazatlan beaches and all its tourist attractions. 

Source: tvpacifico

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