Mexico: Law on recreational use of marijuana being prepared


The Supreme Court summoned the Senate to issue regulations on cannabis use.

The consumption of marijuana will be analyzed and discussed during the legislative recess so that the reform is ready for the period that begins in September, as the deadline set by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation expires in October.

In that sense, the president of the Senate Justice Committee, Julio Ramón Menchaca Salazar, said that in the case of cannabis, the legislation will be used to regulate its consumption.

He recalled that by provision of law, the Supreme Court ordered the Senate to legislate on the use of mariguna within a period of 90 useful days in accordance with the ordinary period of sessions. In this regard, he said: “We can take advantage of the recess period.”

Also, urged a strong Attorney General of the Republic, to address the claim of Mexicans because it requires a better enforcement of justice.

Menchaca Salazar explained that when the Organic Law of that instance was approved, a period of one year was established for the Attorney General to make proposals to the Senate to modify the law.

He said he has had meetings with the head of the FGR, Alejandro Gertz Manero, who is already working on a reform of said legislation.

He added that the Prosecutor agrees to review the powers of the General Coordinator and other areas, among which are the specialized prosecutor’s offices and the organization of the forensic service, to name a few.

He noted that there are also other initiatives that propose modifications to the aforementioned legislation, to which will be added the one sent by the Attorney General. “We will have to do, even, until constitutional revisions, if the case warrants it”.

Source: el sol de mexico

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