The Mazatlan Legendary Moto Week will not be celebrated at Easter


The current edition of Moto Week in Mazatlan will be the last to be held during Easter Week

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This morning, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres confirmed that next year the motorized party will be held in the month of May, looking to coincide with a long weekend.

He said the idea is to have three weeks of strong tourist demand and not just two weeks, like every year.

“I take this opportunity to remind you that it is the last Moto Week that takes place this Easter Week, the next one will be on the first bridge in May, and this is really positive for the city because it allows us to have three weeks continue one hundred percent full, here in Mazatlan, “ said Benítez Torres.

Years ago, the change of date of the legendary Moto Week was a proposal of the private initiative to privilege other dates in Mazatlan and not to cross Easter Week, which, in itself, is attractive for tourism.

Source: quepasaenmazatlan

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