Durango Mexico opens door to same-sex marriage


Since 2015, it is a mandate of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that these legal unions can be carried out throughout the country, by qualifying as discriminatory the articles that prevent it

Although Durango does not yet have a state regulation that supports marriage between people of the same sex, the Civil Registry can not deny that right to couples of that condition who come to perform the process.

That is, if two people come with the intention of exercising this type of union, the dependence would have to adapt to their need.

However, according to the director of the Registry, Brenda Azucena Rosas Gamboa, no couple from the LGBT community has filed this year in the Civil Registry to marry, so that assumption has not occurred.

And is that since 2015 is a mandate from the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that these legal unions can be made throughout the country, to qualify as discriminatory articles that prevent it.

However, in the case of Durango, local deputies have not harmonized local legislation and no marriage between same-sex couples has taken place, who choose to marry in other states.

In this sense, the director of the Civil Registry emphasized that they can not be denied marriage, although she acknowledged that, as no case has been presented, the system has not changed.

“We have not had an application already in person, formally, in any of our offices, however, it is open,” he said.

Source: El Siglo de Durango

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