Motorcyclists begin arriving in Sinaloa for Mazatlan legendary Moto Week


It is expected an average of 25 thousand motorcyclists who arrive at the Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Lack of gasoline and road accidents, is what registered motorcyclists on their way through the roads of Sinaloa, when heading to Mazatlan to enjoy the Moto Week.

The head of services of the Green Angels, Ricardo Picos Quintero, reported that so far the presence of motorcyclists in the communication channels of Sinaloa is at the drop rate.

He said that they expect the motorcycle road flow to increase up to 100% from tomorrow, both on the highways and on the free roads leading to Mazatlan.

The chief of services of the Green Angels, Ricardo Picos Quintero.

The presence of motorcyclists in the region, he said, gives a lot of work to the staff of the corporation, because a large part of them does not reach the municipality due to the lack of gasoline.

The problem, he said, is mostly in the stretch from Nayarit to Mazatlan , which is very long and in which drivers of two-wheelers do not do it with the tank they carry.

In addition to Wednesday, he said, the entry of motorcycles to the port will be more marked on Thursday and Friday, through long caravans that are made up of more than 50 vehicles each.

Motorcyclists begin arriving in Sinaloa

For those days, he said, the flow of motorcycles will concentrate mainly on the Durango-Mazatlán, Culiacán-Mazatlán and Nayarit-Mazatlán highways, although there are drivers who do not stop using free roads such as Mexico 15 or Mexico 40.

He acknowledged that in those days of Easter Week there are still road accidents, as happened in 2018, registering an average of eight skids, mainly in the pay road that crosses the Sierra de Concordia.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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