Mazatlan: The family atmosphere on Isla de la Piedra reigns


Thousands of passersby enjoy Holy Thursday, while they are taken care of by security and lifeguards

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Mazatlan.- The beach of Isla de la Piedra already has a familiar, safe and warm atmosphere. Thousands of tourists and locals packed Thursday this beach area, which is an alternative to the traditional Malecón and one of the quietest in the port.

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In terms of safety, bathers have the support of rescue and relief bodies, as well as elements of the Aquatic Salvage Squad, Public Safety and Municipal Transit, and the Secretariat of the Navy.

The Ministry of Public Security has installed a module from yesterday, with attention to bathers from 08:00 to 19:00, and will be there until Sunday.

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Ariana Molina, social worker and operative of the SSPM, said that the module is for guidance, where lost children are also received and given to their parents.

He said that there are seven people from the Secretariat who carry out rondines to deliver flyers with preventive information for this Holy Week, such as keeping track of minors to avoid accidents and not driving while intoxicated.

Gustavo Flores, a police officer assigned to the lifeguard area, mentioned that three elements of the ESA are those that protect bathers, and have the support of the rescue group Cobras and the elements of Marina; these last two also have modules on the beach.

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Recommended bathers not to enter the sea with clothing that is not appropriate, not go after eating food, check the flags in the beach area, and ask if they do not know what they mean, as well as ask what are the areas to enter to the sea calmly.

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Tourists from Mexicali, Culiacán and León and from other points of the Republic, as well as foreign visitors, enjoy this Holy Week, which Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres wishes it to be the best of all, with the support of the integral security operation.

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