Sinaloa Morena party disparage donkey race in Culiacán


Local deputies of Morena made a joke about the donkeys’ race organized by the Municipal Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of Culiacán.

Culiacán, Sinaloa .- Legislators by Morena, Yeradilne Bonilla and Pedro Villegas Lobo, failed the race of donkeys that the Municipal Institute of Sport and Physical Culture is organizing and classified as a mockery for the youth of Culiacan, which also promotes abuse animal. 

” We should be organizing events that are really worthwhile and not playing with the sport, I think that is a mockery if they are going to organize events that are really not a ruse for the people, ” said the president of the Youth and Sport, from the State Congress, Yeraldine Bonilla.

In addition, he considered unfair the fact that an event is being organized with animals , which may be victims of abuse. 

Terrible organization

For his part, the deputy Pedro Lobo said that both the mayor of Culiacan and IMDEC, are being badly advised in the events they perform , it is not the first time that Estrada Ferrerio commits any aberration. 

” There, the organizer lacked, they go from bad to worse, this Estrada, with this kind of activities, I do not know if you want to sink further. He’s being too badly oriented,“he said. 

Likewise, he declared that the Youth Commission disclaims all types of demeaning events such as this one, and that, for its part, it is already organizing other events that do contribute to the youth community of Culiacán, promoting sports, education and culture. 

” As a commission, we are bringing some activities with better names and better organization. This is just a mockery, it’s like when I was going to take protest and find a way to accommodate the words, to get attention and he is sinking alone or someone is sinking him with his advice, “he said.

Director of Tourism in favor of the race

The donkey race is a more local party and is like the cavalcades, said the municipal director of tourism, Alma Patricia Elenes. 

According to the official, it is the fourth occasion that this event is held in the municipality but had little diffusion. 

It will be pleasant and interesting to live with the family; we invite people to get the burrito to go to participate

Until yesterday they were considered 25 donkeys, but it is expected that there will be more participants because of the prize of 10 thousand pesos for the first place.

For his part, the director of the Municipal Sports Institute, Carlos Lara, said that this event is traditional and has had good response from the public . He also denied that it is about animal abuse.

The donkeys race will take place on April 27 at 5:00 pm in Sanalona, ​​there will be prizes of 10 thousand, 5 thousand and 3 thousand pesos. 

Source: el debate

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