Marijuana liquor, learn to do it with this easy recipe


In this post today we will teach you how to make a marijuana liquor. More and more cannabis smokers are looking for other, healthier alternatives for their consumption. Others who have never smoked and seek in marijuana a natural and effective alternative for different ailments, what they least want is to start the habit of smoking when until then they have avoided it. The main options are vaporization and food.

Cannabis cooking has no limits and can practically be incorporated into any recipe. Someone who searches for a dose of marijuana daily for its recreational or therapeutic effects, does not have to opt for the typical biscuits or cookies , but can add it to breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack or dinner at the time of preparation or later .

The best option to speed up times is to have a base, such as butter or cannabis oil . To almost any recipe you can add any of these two ingredients. Salads, pastas, meats, desserts, breads … But the cannabis recipe does not only consist of solids, but there are also beverages. In the case of cannabis infusions and shakes, the ideal is to count as a base with a cannabis milk. For alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, the ideal base is a marijuana liquor.

It should be noted that the reason for these bases is to save the decarboxilation time prior to making any recipe. The cannabionides of marijuana are in an acidic state, like THCA that is not psychoactive. Only through the process of decarboxylation is THC transformed, which it is. Curing also neutralizes cannabinoids, although not in its entirety.

Decarboxillating the grass is very simple, it should only be heated in the oven. It is always advisable to control both the temperature to prevent the cannabinoids from being destroyed, as well as the weather. To do this we undo the buds in small portions and put them on a baking tray. With the oven preheating to 110-120 ºC, it is enough to have them inside for 20 minutes.


The elaboration is very simple. We will use  10 grams of previously decarboxylated buds per liter of liquor . You can also use manicure remains and stems, in this case we will use 20 grams previously decarboxylated per liter of liquor. We will look for some neutral liquor, such as white brandy or vodka. In general, any would be a good option, but these do not provide much flavor in the case of combined or cocktails.

In a glass jar with a wide mouth and a lid, we introduce the buds or manicure remains. If they are buds, we can crush them to accelerate the process of dissolving the cannabinoids. Then add the liter of alcohol, close and shake strongly for a few minutes. The boat will be left in a completely dark place, like a pantry.

In about 2-3 days, much of the cannabinoids and other compounds of the trichomes will have been absorbed by the alcohol. With more time, the dissolution will be total, so we always recommend leaving it to macerate for several days, shaking the boat from time to time. We can see how little by little the liquor goes darkening and acquiring a green / brown color.

Given the concentration of this marijuana liquor, 50 ml would have cannabinoids equivalent to half a gram of marijuana. It is not advisable to abuse, since up to one hour the ingested cannabis has no effect. It is very easy to ingest a high dose by not noticing the effects instantly as it happens when smoking or vaporizing. Drink low quantities and wait a reasonable time to check its effects.

Source: cannabislandia

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