‘Game of Thrones’ fans in Mexico dispair at the collapse of HBO GO


As happened the year before, the streaming service does not work normally.

As it happened a couple of years ago HBO Go has collapsed hours before the new season of ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ started , in this case the eighth, and the demand for knowing what will happen is so great that the streaming service does not It supports so many users at once, so many are worried, angry, frustrated and so on as they could not watch the first episode of the last season live, unless the technicians do the impossible to fix it.

Many users on social networks have expressed their feelings about it and the comments that abound are questions about whether someone else is suffering from the same, and there are even requests to make a chain of prayer so that the platform does not collapse at the time of the good. There are users who can enter the application, but it is not synonymous with the fact that at 8 pm (Mexico City time) it works normally, and most of them have trouble entering.

And then, where do you see it?

Obviously if you have the package of HBO channels a la carte contracted in your cable TV service you can see it in several of the channels belonging to Home Box Office , and if not, do not worry, since Cinemax also they will pass by only occasion and this one is accessible without having to contract the service to the letter.

There is also the option to go running to a friend’s house or acquaintance who also likes ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ and you stay so that they live together the emotion. Or wait for the first episode to end its live broadcast so that it is available on HBO Go , since the year before that happened and by 10 o’clock at night the platform was already functioning normally. Yes, avoid using social networks if you opt for the latter since you could find several spoilers.

Source: sensacine

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