Mazatlán conquers tourists with its gastronomy and music


Visitors from different states of the country assure that for a month they have booked in some of the hotels in the city, they finally manage to stay in the port today so as not to miss a single day of the sea water

Mazatlán, Sin.-  What became a wish a month ago, this weekend became a reality for Osvaldo who from Querétaro traveled to enjoy the beaches of Mazatlan, where he not only lives the experience of tasting gastronomy, but also listening of band music and even enjoy a few drinks of amber drinks, and the best of being with the family.

The beach destination, gathers thousands of tourists, who by road or via area make their arrival to make this Holy Week, their home and hours of enjoyment on the seashore, yes, here in the Pearl of the Pacific, Alma, is another one of the stories of visits that run into the port, and says that he comes to enjoy this area of ​​Mexico.

“Yes, we come as a family, with friends to enjoy, a aguachilito does not go bad, band music, how many days are they going to stay in Mazatlan ?, all Easter”.

“We come to the family to enjoy Easter here in Mazatlan, to obviously enjoy the bands, the cuisine they have here, especially the very kind treatment of all people I recommend a thousand percent.”

The merchants of the port also express their faith in these days of the Major Week, in order to have a sea of ​​profits before the arrival of tourists, who since Friday evening began to be noticed in Mazatlan, and as this period runs holiday there is a greater concurrence.

“We already feel a little bit more about tourism, the beach is a little more crowded compared to other days, and that is the first Saturday of Holy Week.”

“Today the holidays start, because if you feel an increase in the tourist part, if you feel an increase in sales, here in the restaurant that is the most consumed, all kinds of seafood, fish.”    

The same goes for the neighboring state of Durango or the distant Tamaulipas, no matter how many kilometers you have to travel either by land or through the skies, because it is well worth living the experience in Mazatlan, many willing not to waste even a single day of your vacation, since the weather gives you the opportunity to take a dip in the waters of the port.

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