Traffic lights condoms, change color when someone has an STD


Now the condom has the function of detecting if the couple has any sexually transmitted disease.

Using a condom is the key to a healthy life, free of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), the condom is the only one that can free you from a contagion that can lead you to lose your life. Researchers have created the semaphore condom.

The new advances in science have allowed the creation of the semaphore condom, this has become one of the most effective methods to detect sexually transmitted diseases, how does it work ?. Here we explain it to you!

It is called a traffic light because it is able to change color when it detects an infection or sexually transmitted disease. This has attracted a lot of attention because it can save many lives.

They create the semaphore condom.

Researchers at the Isaac Newton Academy in London created the ST EYE, they ensure that this semaphore condom changes color, depending on the disease you have, it can even detect herpes. 

It is just at the moment that you are having relationships that the condom can change color depending on what illness the person has . This is an alert to detect diseases on time and to be able to solve them with appropriate treatments. 

The leaders of the Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shahson projectargue that it is responsible for detecting STDs in a molecule that causes it to change color when it comes into contact with a virus.

The list of colors with their respective ETS

  • If the latex changes to Green you have CLAMIDIA
  • If the latex changes to yellow, you have HERPES
  • If the latex changes to blue, you have SYPHILIS
  • If the latex changes to purple you have VIRUSES OF THE HUMAN PAPILOMA

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