Civil protection prepares for 2 million visitors to Sinaloa


Beaches, river areas, spas, ceremonial centers and magical towns guarded by more than eight thousand elements.

In Sinaloa about two million visitors are expected in the 177 destinations that the state has and will be monitored by eight thousand elements.

Francisco Vega, director of the State Institute of Civil Protection of Sinaloa , said that the operative staff is prepared to protect the tourist destinations so that the visitors find a pleasant rest.

Vega Meza, informed that after making a tour around the state, operational personnel and civil protection volunteers are prepared to protect the 177 tourist destinations of Sinaloa, which is estimated to have an influx of more than 1 million 800 visitors

The head of Civil Protection reported that a strategic coordination of the 2,505 elements of the relief and rescue corps was implemented, integrated by Civil Protection of the State and the 18 municipal coordinators, firefighters, red cross and bodies of volunteers to have presence in the 57 beaches, 49 river areas, 60 spas, 11 ceremonial centers and the magical towns.

Vega Meza, said that in the operation, it works in a coordinated manner with the three levels of government, where more than 8 thousand elements of the Secretariats of Health, Tourism, Public Security, State Attorney General, SEDENA, SEMAR, Federal Police , Green Angels, Port Captaincy, Police and Transit of the 18 municipalities participate in order to preserve the physical integrity and assets of the population

He made a call for people to participate in self-care, mainly on roads, where the greatest number of fatal accidents are registered, without neglecting the beach, river and spa areas where there is greater exposure, due to the number of people who attend .

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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