Mexico wins gold at the Mathematical Olympiad


Mexican pride! The four girls have just made history in this competition.

Once again, Mexico has shown that with effort and dedication it is possible to achieve good news for national pride. This after a group of four girls won the podium in the European Women’s Olympiad in Mathematics .

The global event was held this week in the city of Kiev,  Ukraine , where 200 participants from 49 countries met. There, the young Ana Paula Jiménez, aged 17, took the gold medal in one of the multiple numerical skill competitions.

Image: UNAM

The Mexican team also won two silver medals  for Nuria Sydykova Méndez, from Mexico City, and for Karla Rebeca Munguía Romero, from Sinaloa. The fourth member, Nathalia del Carmen Jasso Vera, from Guanajuato, was recognized with an honorable mention.

It is the second women’s gold medal that Mexico wins in those international competitions that seek to promote the participation of women in the mathematics Olympics. The former Mexican champion, Olga Medrano, from Jalisco, won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics.

By teams, the country was placed in the tenth place, just a few points below Peru, the other Latin American country that is located in the top ten nations with the best young mathematics in the world.

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