Safe and guarded stretches of highways ready for Easter vacations in Mazatlan


Administrative and operative personnel will participate in the Holy Week operation 2019, said Karlo Castillo.

Mazatlan, Sin. –   With road sections in good condition and with little incidence of theft and even accidents, the Social Proximity Police is ready to receive the arrival of tourists during the Easter Week dates when the vehicle capacity increases, said the Inspector of the Base PFP in Mazatlan.

Karlo Castillo without further details explained that the entire state of force that comprises the corporation in Mazatlan will be participating in the operation consisting of free and quota sections, he added that the Baluarte corridor and the flag started the previous week, for which it is monitored for a total of 20 units willing to provide service to those who need it.

“We have a stake in the Durango-Sinaloa interstate operation, which is the corridor to the Baluarte. We have now ready 20 units that are working on that corridor to guarantee security to all the passerby that comes. “

The Inspector, Chief, Master of the Police of Social Proximity invited the citizens to make the pertinent revisions to their units prior to going out to the road sections and already being in them to drive respecting the road signs, and not to use the cell phone, the use of that device can cause a tragic outcome.

Source: linea directa

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