Mazatlan: He takes a public bicycle from the Malecon to his house and boasts on social networks


They were installed for use in the Malecón and now in the Mazatlan linear park, for the user to leave it at the rental spot when finished. 
But in no case bicycles are for home service, as it seems to start happening.

According to a publication in a group of social networks, a young man uploaded photographs with one of those units in a colony and wrote that “I am the only one who brings the bikes of the boardwalk to his house”

The criticism of users was immediate because many believe that it is an abuse and then blame the authorities. 

It is unknown what colony went to where the bicycle was taken and it has not been disclosed if it was returned to its place. 
In the past, another one appeared on Avenida Rafael Buelna, but that left her abandoned

“I did not know that was not done,” says the one who took the bike from the Malecon

The bicycle that a neighbor from Mazatlan took during the night of the boardwalk to his house was returned two hours later. 
According to the person who took the bike, he took photographs and boasted it on social networks, he did not know that he should have donethat. 
He rented at around 10:30 pm last night in the linear park, went to his home in it and later returned to deliver it in that same place. 
These public bikes are only to circulate in the cycleways, but they have a margin to leave that pathway. 
The person responsible said that he did not know how the public bike program worked, although when he returned the bike it was in the same state in which he received it and everything was clarified. 

Source. rasnoticias

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