Mazatlán: Zero tolerance against those who do not wear a seatbelt

The mayor said they will be very strict, so they will also limit the areas of ascent and descent of passage on the Malecon as well as the U-Turns.

Here a statement issued by the Ayuntaminto

The municipal government will shortly begin to apply fines in a strict manner to drivers of all types of vehicles that do not use seat belts, municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres informed. 

The measure, which will be applied through the Traffic Police, seeks to avoid unfortunate consequences in the vehicular accidents that are registered in the city. 

“Being very hard for everyone to wear the belt (…) is a decision we already made, first in a personal capacity, and then give the instruction to the Traffic Directorate so that it begins to apply a very severe fine to those who do not I do it, it’s for their sake, zero tolerance, “he said.

Other measures that will be applied include the delimitation of the zones of ascent and descent of passage in the avenida del mar and the use of the returns in the cross walk points that will be included in new regulation of transit. 

“We are going to be very strict where passengers are picked up people who use taxis, aurigas and pulmonias, public transport in general, in areas of deceleration (…) we have a traffic regulation that we will have to approve, where We will have to put the rules of the game, this is to bring order to the city, it is for the good of all, to avoid accidents on the one hand, which is the most important, and to solve the problem of road traffic, and make it more agile the road Mazatlan, “he explained. 

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