Mazatlan seek to cancel 17 taxi drivers’ permits for participating in blockade


The director of Roads and Transportation warned that they will not allow more transport blockades.

MazatlanSinaloa .- The Department of Roads and Transportation in Sinaloa, has already begun the process for the permanent cancellation of 17 permits to taxi drivers who participated in the blockade last Monday, confirmed Feliciano Valle Sandoval.

He said that this time there will be no going back, previous negotiations and agreements were not respected, now he applies the full force of the law to any transport organization that makes blockades.

We had many meetings a few months ago, trying to reach agreements and it was not achieved, so there are already regrettable events such as the blockade and, well, today it is derived in actions from the Directorate of Roads and Transportation, and We started the cancellation procedures of the permissions of the person who bet him to damage the image of Mazatlan.

Feliciano Valle Sandoval.

Valle Sandoval said that it was staff of the state government, through the representative of Roads and Transportation, who tried to reach negotiations and there was no agreement with the taxi drivers and then, the body of inspectors raised the respective minutes that are giving foot to the cancellation of the permits.

“The procedure began with a record that begins with the inspectors, who are authorized to walk the roads checking, inspecting public transport, the administrative records were lifted, today are notified, of course we must process the guarantees procedural of those who consider it and want to defend themselves; However, the Law of Sustainable Mobility is very precise, there is the possibility from a verbal reprimand to the cancellation of a permit, “he explained.

He specified that the 17 permits are from people who were present, not necessarily the eight who were detained by the Municipal Police, and where only one was consigned to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The director of Roads and Transportation indicated that Atamsa has the permission to perform the service of the Airport to the city and vice versa, for bringing a federal plaque, it is an authorization of SCT based on a federal law that they can make the provision of this service .

He acknowledged that historically no permit has been withdrawn, however today it is necessary, there are many efforts of the governor and the Secretary of Tourism and all authorities to promote the port of Mazatlan.

“We can not allow that by isolated actions come to damage the image, we have always privileged dialogue, but when it is not possible, there is no other way to apply the law, and this will be done,” he concluded.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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