Sinaloa: You hit someone! Stop! Not helping them takes you to jail


The Penal Code of the State of Sinaloa establishes from three months to one year of prison whoever commits this offense.

Sinaloa.- Every day there are thousands of automobile accidents in Mexico, regardless of who is responsible there is a basic situation in which fleeing from the place can bring serious consequences such as prison.

Not giving aid to a person injured in an accident in which you have participated can result in up to one year in prison.

In Chapter III on Omission of Auxilio a atropellados, Article 161 of the Criminal Code of the State of Sinaloa states that: who having run over a person, does not provide assistance or request the assistance required and may do so, will be imprisoned three months to one year or thirty to ninety days fine.

If unfortunately you see yourself involved in a accident of this nature, here are some recommendations:

  • Do not run away from the place and calm down. Escaping would only worsen any chance to declare you innocent.
  • Descend the car, establish a preventive signal and call the emergency service.
  • Do not move your unit, in doing so you lose the evidence immediately.
  • Call the insurance company of your car and if you do not have one, call your lawyer immediately.
  • Talk to the injured but do not move, this can aggravate your injuries.
  • Make your own taking of evidence, take photographs or videos that can be used as evidence during the integration of the preliminary investigation.
  • When the authority arrives, but remember that by law you have the right to reserve any information if your lawyer is not present. However, the law stipulates a detention of 48 hours in which investigations are carried out.
  • Show yourself open to rigorous examinations of your health status, this to rule out that you have driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But beware, you are not forced to further exams if the initials were negative.
  • Avoid the arrangements “in the dark,” this would further aggravate your situation to prove that you were responsible.

Follow the law to avoid, avoiding driving at excessive speed, checking signs at all times and avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Source: linea directa

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