Mazatlan expects 35 more lifeguards to take care of bathers for Semana Santa


Currently, the group has 20 “lifeguards” that protect the beaches from Isla de la Piedra to Cerritos

MazatlanSinaloa .- To maintain full coverage in the different areas of bathers of the port during Holy Week, at least 35 more lifeguards are required, acknowledged the head of theAquatic Rescue Squadron ( ESA ), Gonzalo Magallanes Romero.

Currently, the 20 elements that make up the rescue group are in training to be prepared for any contingency that might arise at sea , he said.

To cover the areas that ESA plans to monitor during the holiday period, which is just around the corner, the effort of 15 more “team” are required, assured Magallanes.

Before the start of the week, the new elements will be integrated into the body of lifeguards to be trained in time and manner to rescue bathers in distress.

He commented that the 35 elements will work on the surveillance of the beaches that comprise from Isla de la Piedra to Punta Cerritos, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For the days of Holy Week, breaks, vacations, and permissions to the staff will be suspended, since they will work of course during the 15 days of rest.

He did not rule out that during the holidays, night guards will be deployed, who will be on the lookout for any eventuality that might arise until 12:00 at night.

The police chief mentioned that the 20 lifeguards already have a week of training on the beach, in which they are subject to physical conditioning and swimming.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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