Mazatlan Mayor wants to distribute tourists around the Malecon


It seeks to avoid the agglomerations in a single point of Del Mar Avenue; in Holy Week, the priority is security; there will be no street closure or change of direction of traffic.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The holidays of Holy Week must be a true celebration for the visitors and the mazatlecos, emphasized the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. He added that it will not close streets or change the direction, to give traffic more fluidity. Only on the boardwalk could a lane be closed, but it is not yet final.

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Faced with a floating population like the one registered in Semana Mayor, the concern is security. Therefore, we look for ways to distribute people along the Del Mar avenue, to avoid concentrating on one area. The president said that the idea is that both visitors and residents of the municipality can enjoy the days off.


The biggest complaint of the Mazatlecos is that during Holy Week they find it very difficult to leave, and above all, to go to the Malecon. For this, a plan is very well put together so that everyone can live the festivities and do it safely. “The Mayor” said that they are still analyzing the possibility of implementing the Par Vial ” one-way traffic” and in the next few days will define it. He made it clear that during the three years of his administration, the Bandódromo is totally ruled out.

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The Secretary of Security, Ricardo Olivo Cruz, stressed that the security operation for Easter is ready and will soon be announced.  
They are always on guard and every day the civil authorities, the Ministry of Defense and the Secretariat of the Navy meet to define agreements in the tasks, either in preventive actions, in research and where they need to work more. 

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In this holiday period the floating population grows, and to give security to all the operative is put into operation with authorities of the three levels of government, in order to preserve the safety of tourists and Mazatlecos.

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