There are no options for housing demand in Mazatlan


STASAM workers have four years looking for the opportunity to get a program that will help them acquire a home, says its leader, Jesus Osuna Lamarque.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The leader of the Union of Workers At the Service of the City of Mazatlán (STASAM), Jesús Osuna Lamarque, said that they still do not have an option to meet the demand for housing presented by unionized workers. He explained that 120 houses are currently needed for unionized employees of the City Council, who have been looking for a solution to their problem for four years.  

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He explained that there has already been a rapprochement with the Housing Commission of the State of Sinaloa, formerly the Housing Institute of the State of Sinaloa (Invies), which is headed by Salvador Reynosa, and the response was that there are no territorial reserves to implement a program household. For this reason, they are waiting for land to be obtained for the construction of houses.

An emergency

He stressed that it is urgent the need for housing units for union workers, since many are paying rent or living with their parents, since they do not have the means to obtain financing that allows them to become a heritage. 
The leader said he will insist to get the program to become a reality and thus cover this basic need presented by workers unionized for years.

He added that a possible alternative could be for the City Council to make an agreement with the Infonavit to obtain mortgage loans for workers. 


Until July 2018, Mazatlan had a backlog of 10 thousand houses. The profile of the people who need a house corresponds to: displaced people, policemen, taxi drivers and workers in the hotel sector, since they are not generating savings for housing. 
Added to this, in the same year it had identified around 12 thousand squatters and 23 thousand abandoned houses.

This situation creates a housing crisis in the city since this problem can not be addressed by the municipality, and the late Invies sold its land during the direction of Jaime Romero, predecessor of Salvador Reynosa.


Invies ceased to exist to create the Housing Commission, which, according to Reynosa, will be able to access federal resources granted by the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), the National Fund of Popular Rooms (Fonhapo) and the National Commission of Housing (Conavi). 

Source: El Debate

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