They want to be the lawyers for entrepreneurs in Mexico


Andrea Durán and Yaritza Rodelo are the creators of Easylex, a platform that facilitates legal procedures for emerging entrepreneurs.

When talking about legal issues, constitutive acts, contracts and even privacy notices, Mexican entrepreneurs usually respond with a gesture that reflects how little connected they are with these issues.

The legal part is one of the headaches that must be solved by anyone who wants to take a step forward and start a business project. 
Andrea Durán and Yaritza Rodelo, two law graduates, noticed this area of ​​opportunity and they founded Easylex, a platform designed to solve the legal processes of any Mexican entrepreneur.

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“When we were looking for work we realized that we did not want to be in an office for the next few years, so we decided to start and do something that was related to what we studied,” says Durán.

Young women came across a market where ideas flow, but the procedures are seen as obligations that pay little to the business or become burdens that do not know how to lighten.

It is known that in Mexico, 90% of entrepreneurs do not exceed the second year of their project, and that among the main causes of failure are issues related to administration, human resources and business technical factors.

“We realized that entrepreneurs fail because of legal problems even if this is not so obvious: they struggle to get investment, they do not set the rules well or they end up fighting with the other partners,” Durán explains.

In all cases, having legal advice can save the ship from imminent collapse, or even prevent that possibility from opening.

The entrepreneurs found, for example, that the corporate acts of the new companies could become obstacles to receive investment, or that to do so they had to submit the act to too many changes that are extremely costly.

Created in Guadalajara – with the help of Agave Lab, the seed capital fund created by the visionary of startups, Andy Kieffer – Easylex is a response to a common problem that no one had dared to face.

One of the advantages of Easylex, says its co-founder, lies in the documentation they deliver: they are contracts that have been endorsed not only by lawyers, but also by brokers and investors, in a way that allows entrepreneurs to work with new partners

The Easylex procedure also aims to simplify the processes and facilitate remote access to them.

“It is very simple, the user enters the page, selects the service he seeks, answers the questions, enters the name of the shareholders, defines the chairman of the board and once he finishes with his eight questions, he makes the payment and concludes his procedure, “details Durán.

For the registration of a Public Limited Investment Company, to put a case, the user can choose in which office his constitutive act is collected. Easylex has partnerships in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and the State of Mexico so that the entrepreneur concludes his paperwork.

The success of Easylex, which adds about 700 applications in its first three months of life, lies in making the bureaucratic easy. If generating a contract or constitutive act was as simple as registering on an Airbnb, perhaps more projects would make their reservation in the field of formality and legal understanding.

“The idea is that the entrepreneur creates their company with us and that we serve them as an accompaniment in all the needs that arise, such as when establishing his contracts with the collaborators, when placing his terms and conditions on his web page or when establishing a notice of privacy, “says Durán.

In the coming months, the platform will add some more services, such as those related to investment agreements, modifications to the articles of incorporation or those that have to do with increases and decreases in capital.

For Easylex, the challenge also has to do with educating Mexican entrepreneurs, because they warn that it is an audience that usually looks for the most economical options, even if they are not appropriate.

“We have a competitive price, but there will always be cheaper options. Therefore, the challenge is to educate the entrepreneur about why we are a better option, that if they go for cheap alternatives they usually end up spending more when they have to make modifications, “says Durán.

Part of that education try to inculcate it through downloadable products, such as e-books, as well as through a blog that they constantly update.

The challenge of entrepreneurs is not simple, but it does not scare two young people under 25 who are doing what is necessary to bring legal and bureaucratic issues a click away from each Mexican entrepreneur.

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