Durango, now among the 3 safest states


With the coordinated work of institutions of Security and Procuration of Justice, so far in 2019, Durango is placed among the best three entities with more positive results in the matter, announced the non-governmental association, Traffic Light.

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According to the results published by Semáforo Delictivo during January, the Durango entity made significant progress regarding the incidence of crime of impact, compared to the average that had presented in previous months.

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This association, states that Durango is among the entities with the best results in terms of security, is in the position number three with 14 points, only below Yucatan and Coahuila, who achieved 17 and 15, respectively. This score was thanks to the fact that he got more “greens” and “yellows”.

The crimes that managed to reduce up to 25 percent are homicide, kidnapping, extortion, vehicle theft and femicide.

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The evaluation of crimes by colors, according to Traffic Light are: two points are assigned to each green and one point to yellow, then add the total of each state to highlight the best.

It should be noted that the red light indicates that the crimes are above the historical average and that the strategy is not correct: it must be reconsidered.

While the green indicates that the state is within the goal of reduction of 25 percent. In this case, the strategy is the correct one: we must continue and reinforce

Source: El Sol de Durango

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