Sinaloan actorial debut begins TV series in the United States


Luisito Félix will play a policeman who accompanies the “chinola” commander in the “Perra Suerte” series.

Arizona, United States.- This weekend the shooting of the series “Perra suerte”began in the city of Phoenix under the direction of the prestigious producer José Juan Segura “El Padrino”.

The recordings began in the city of Phoenix but will also have locations in Los Angeles, California in a series that narrates the lives of migrants, especially Mexicans, to the United States.

On this pleasant experience, the Sinaloa radio host Luisito Felix said excited to venture into the world of acting, something new for him, a situation that even led him to ask for the modification of the script of the character that he has to give life because somewhere in the story presented a nude scene, something for which he still accepts not being prepared.

Actually I’m not an actor, I’m just taking my first steps in this film, just a month ago they sent me the contract to sign it and reading one of the clauses said the nude, and at this time I’m not ready to do a bichicori scene (laughs), imagine that plate, I’m not prepared psychologically for that and I did not sign that contract, but I was lucky that they changed my character and my goal is fulfilled because I’m interested in the projection and later we’ll see what follows “, Said the famous speaker born in the Potrero de Cancio in the municipality of Choix.

The character that Luisito Félix will play will be that of a policeman who accompanies the “chinola” commander.

Note that in the production of this series also participates the Audiovisual Agency “Filmet” of Mochite origin led by the Sinaloans Miguel “mike” Sánchez and Héctor Soto who have more than 15 years of experience in this area.

“Perra suerte” will be played later this year by Netflix and the Univision and Telemundo networks.

The very natural Sinaloa accent mark that characterizes the famous radio announcer Luisito Félix will give him the opportunity to debut as an actor on the small screen in the new series of Netflix Perra suerte , which will be released at the end of this year. 

“I’m happy but I do not think I’m divo,” he said during an interview for EL DEBATE, the sympathetic announcer of Las Chicoteadas on La Mexicana radio, with a large audience in the northwest of the country and part of the American Union and who will share the scene with characters from the El Chapo series.

When did you receive the invitation? 
ecause one of the producers associated with this series is my friend. He is my listener since I have the program Las Chicoteadas, his name is José Juan Segura and he is also the author of the script. He is originally from Puerto Vallarta and lives in the United States, but he is very identified with the people of Sinaloa.

Why are you invited to participate in this series? 
Because of my voice style. I do not have the voice of the consecrated speakers, but here the important thing is my Sinaloan tone. They want me very natural, with my northern Sinaloan accent.

How do you feel in this new facet of your life? 
Very happy. It was a big surprise, I did not expect it; I had already made attempts on other projects, without results, and yes, I fell for surprise.

What is this proposal for you? 
It is a challenge for me to take it forward, and it depends on whether more success comes, it depends on how I play on paper.

What character will characterize in the series? 
It’s about the detective nicknamed El Chinola. It is an important character in the series that will appear for a long time. 
How will this actor dynamic be, how is it prepared? 
Next week they send me the script, I study it, and the first week of February I travel to Los Angeles, California, to do the filming.

Have you ever visualized yourself as an actor? 
Yes, since I started to participate in theater at the university, since then I have this concern.

What will his work be like now, will he leave the radio to dedicate himself to acting? 
Not at all. I am one hundred percent radio announcer RSN. For the recording of the series only take two or three weeks, I will be on vacation to not affect at all in my work.

Will this series be filmed in locations here in Sinaloa? 
All the recordings will be made in Los Angeles, California, and in the state of Arizona, in the United States.

What will the story be about? 
The series is about the history of the countryman who goes to the United States in search of the American dream. When crossing the border and arrives with the mentality of becoming a millionaire, and when they arrive there they realize that the thing is not as everyone painted them here in Mexico and they are in the need to venture into drug trafficking to be able to carry out that dream they went with at some point in their lives. That’s how the melodrama begins, it’s the American dream.

When do the recordings begin? 
After February 20. In the middle of the year, the promotional ones are launched and for the months of September and October of 2019 the series is released.

And who will be the actors with whom he will participate in the series? 
I understand that they are the actors that appeared in the El Chapo series, but I do not know if they are the main ones, but a large part of the production is involved in this series.

Source: linea directa, el debate

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