They warn that if the company does not respond satisfactorily to their labor demands they will close the doors of their stores next Tuesday, March 5.

Workers from the Walmart, Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrerá stores called for a national strike that could take place next Tuesday, March 5, with the support of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC).

According to the local media, La Onda Oaxaca, among the workers’ labor demands is the payment of overtime, the distribution of profits, less forced jobs and curbing sexual harassment.

David Aguilar Robles, leader of the CROC Oaxaca, said that the strike site is being carried out nationwide due to various irregularities that are affecting the workers.

In a press conference, Aguilar Robles explained that the problem arose in the state of Colima, so the union is offering its support to the workers of these stores, which belong to the Walmart de México group.

In addition, the leader of the CROC Oaxaca warned that if there is no satisfactory response to their labor demands, they will demand their right to national strike, so the Walmart, Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrera stores would close their doors next Tuesday, March 5.

Here you can see part of the conference held by David Aguilar Robles, leader of the CROC Oaxaca .

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