Women empowered in the Mexican Armed Forces


As of 1985, women were integrated for the first time.

 For many citizens there are mixed feelings about the duty of the Mexican Army, in which some have some fear of the training and activities they perform, while others admire its value to be part of the Armed Forces.

Being a Soldier implies great responsibility, discipline, and pride for each member since they are in charge of safeguarding the safety of thousands of Mexicans.

In the framework of the 106th anniversary of the Mexican Army, its history and advances in the formation of new elements are commemorated, in which, beginning in 1985, women were integrated for the first time.

34 years after the entry of women as soldiers, the number of women in the army lines has increased significantly, which is why it is now common to see them in the streets.

Among the life stories that exist with the elements, is that of the Second Sergeant of Health, Karen García Riveros, 26 years old, who has been in the army for five years and decided to do it as a step in her professional growth, aspire first to be a military doctor.

The icon of the woman right now is booming within the Armed Forces, I like the idea of ​​being part of this armed institute, so for the same situation, it is a motivating part to be inside of here. Karen García Riveros

She recognized that she is the first member of her family to decide to be in the military, which has made her the inspiration of her younger brothers, which is why her sister is part of the Navy and her little brother has the same aptitude.

With pride and happiness, she mentioned that her parents have always supported her with her sister, because they entered a noble institute and where the military knows that his professional growth will take him places away from home.

For its part, the Military Police Soldier, Ana Cecilia Cruz Salinas, 19 years old and who is part of the new generation of elements after having a year in the institute, said that she decided to enter because of curiosity and to make her mother proud, since she was his mother and father figure.

In her case, she indicated that with her older sister they decided to join the institute together to be the moral support of the other, besides that since they had admiration towards the military.

Even though she has a year in the army, she stressed that her expectations have been exceeded so far, which is why she feels satisfied with her work.

Living with men who have been in service for more than 10 years, who teach you, who explain to you how the army is doing, is very happy to know what their anecdotes were and how they are amazed at how they now have included to women in the Armed Forces. 

Ana Cecilia Cruz Salinas

Among her goals as a soldier, Military Police, it is important to enter a military establishment to improve yourself, because in her first year she feels satisfied with the military service offered to the citizens.

Both exhorted the women to be encouraged to be part of the Mexican Army, being a vocation to serve the nation and where the first step is to be convinced one hundred percent, besides loving serving the country.

Source: El Sol de Sinaloa

The Mazatlan Post